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 Entire House Just $99

Over time your carpets can start to look not so clean. This could be from pets leaving messes on your carpet or children spilling their food or drink. Whatever the case may be, chances are you want them cleaned. Now, you could try to take this task on yourself or you could hire a carpet cleaning professional to do a deep steam clean for you. If you are one the fence about which way to go, then please read the following benefits of choosing a carpet cleaning professional like Stain Steamers.

When hiring a professional to clean your carpets instead of doing it yourself, you can save time. This is because professional carpet cleaners are quick and efficient at getting the job done. We maintain 5 truck mounted steam cleaning systems.

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Chances are, you do not have the right equipment and materials to clean your carpet the right way. Yes, there are those carpet cleaners that can be rented from local stores, but fail in comparison. When you hire a carpet cleaning professional like Stain Steamers, you can count of them using the right machines and cleaning solutions to get your carpet looking like new, GUARANTEED!

$79 2 BR + Hallway 


Cleaning carpets can put a lot of stress on your back. Even if you do not already have a back condition, it is still wise not to put your back under any more stress than you already have to.

Bottom line is, if you want the job done right then you need to hire a professional to get it done. Trusting the carpet-cleaning professionals at Stain Steamers will not leave you disappointed.


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$0.25 per sq/ft for Tile and Grout Cleaning

While many homeowners recognize the value of cleaning their tile and grout on a consistent basis, many do not look forward to doing so because of its dull and monotonous nature. There are many benefits of having a professional company come to your home to do the work, saving time and money, being at the top of the list. Stain Steamers offer experienced professionals who are specialized in tile and grout cleaning. Here are a few reasons why you should call Stain Steamers today.

Although a tile and grout cleaning can be done for aesthetic purposes (who wouldn’t want to make their home look better?) one of the main reasons to have it cleaned thoroughly is for your health. A professional knows the importance of grout cleaning; if neglected grout can eventually cause a buildup of dirt and grime, which in turn will harbor bacteria and mold in between the tiles.

Making sure that your grout is clean is a time consuming and arduous task. The convenience of hiring a professional to come to your home and freeing up time to spend with friends and family is priceless.

Having a job done correctly can provide benefits many times over. Knowledgeable professionals can extend the longevity of your tiles (not to mention the value of your home) by using the best equipment and latest technology for the job. So do your home a favor, kick back and let Stain Steamers do the work for you.


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Puppy made an accident on carpet

Pet Urine Odor Removal 


Call us fast if your Pet has cause a mess 

Here at Stain Steamers, we all love our pets.Our pets supply us with unconditional love and have always been there to support their owner. A real challenge with pets is to keep your house clean, healthy, and smelling fresh day in and day out. If you have experienced some accidents caused by your beloved animal, call Stain Steamers immediately

The faster you call our team, the more likely we are able to remove the stain and eliminate the odors. It is easy to pee in corners where you might not see them. Our team uses UV light to detect where the pets may have had accidents in the home to eliminate all the pet urine from the carpets, rugs, and furniture's upholstery. We use the strongest natural solutions to create chemical reactions in order to destroy the pet urine stain and odor in the fabric.

Stain Steamers have excellent result on even the worst pet mess damages. We are here to help you, Call today!


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Sofa & Loveseat Steam Cleaning Both just $79

The benefits of having your upholstery professionally cleaned cannot be overstated. Choosing to invest in professional cleaning services is the number one way to ensure the longevity of your furniture and upholstery. Different fabrics and types of upholstery require different cleaners and techniques to be used on them. You don’t want to use trial and error by yourself for cleaning up spills or even for just routine tidying up. Your furniture is an investment and keeping it presentable and in tip-top shape should be a priority. That’s where the skilled folks at Stain Steamers come in.

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We at Stain Steamers are experienced in cleaning and maintaining all different types of upholstery. Allowing our team to clean your upholstered furniture not only makes it appear cleaner, it also helps rid the furniture of dust and dangerous allergens that can build up over time. Scheduling professional cleaning appointments should be a routine part of home maintenance. In addition to removing dirt, upholstered furniture holds on to odors and will smell over time.

Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned allows for your home to even smell better! Now, don't you deserve for you to come home to a smelling good, clean looking home from carpet to upholstery to the tile and grout throughout. Talk to our experts at Stain Steamers "Your Local Stain Removal Guys!" You will be happy that you did!


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Your flooring is a major investment that is meant to last for many years. The condition of your floors is a direct reflection of your company, so it is very important to make sure that you take good care of them with regular professional cleaning treatments. Most commercial properties have VCT and our commercial vinyl stripping and waxing team is here to make your business floors shine!

Let us electrify your Vinyl, Tile (VCT) floor with our deep cleaning and wet look shine floor stripping and waxing. We will help your business look bright and cheery to project a positive image to your customers.

Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

Now that your carpet is dirty and needs extensive cleaning, you need proper planning before you embark on the task. You can use the tools that are readily available in your home to try it yourself but this may not give you the best results. Some people may decide to rent carpet cleaning equipment in order to enhance the results. What you should be asking yourself is whether you have the right expertise to handle this task. The best way forward is to get professional carpet cleaning companies to assist you with this work. Among these three option, the first one is the cheapest but least effective. The last option may be slightly more expensive but the results are so impressive.

Steamers Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning companies are quite good at what they do. They offer high quality services that will keep your carpet looking brand new one more time. let me share with you some of the advantages of using carpet cleaning professionals before we look at the process of carpet cleaning and steam cleaning.

  • Quality Cleaning Solutions and Advanced Equipment

You may be having the best vacuum cleaner in your home. However, you will discover that it is of very poor quality when you compare it to the industrial vacuum cleaners. The same case is applicable when dealing with your cleaning solutions. The equipment that professional cleaners use is extremely powerful and highly efficient especially when it comes to cleaning the carpets in your home. The machines will extract all dirt particles that are deep into the fibers and remove all the stubborn stains in a very easy manner. This will ultimately result into a spotless carpet.

  • No More Hassles

If you decide to clean your carpets on your own, you have to start by getting out all the furniture before you begin the session. This process may drain a lot of energy from you and leave you extremely exhausted. The good thing with hiring cleaning services is that they will remove the furniture by themselves. The company can either take the carpet to their facility or do the cleaning from home depending on the firm that you choose. In case they go with the carpet to their facility, they will install and re-install it on their own. The good thing is that there is nothing that is left for you to do irrespective of the option that you choose.

  • Improvement in Air Quality

Most residential vacuum cleaners will only eliminate dust from the surface and the particles that are deeper will remain in your carpet. If you don’t remove them, the quality of the indoor air will be compromised. Professional carpet cleaning services utilize industrial grade equipment that will completely remove all the contaminants. You will be sure of maintaining high-quality air in your indoors.

  • Time Saving

DIY carpet cleaning sessions will involve so many activities that may end up consuming a lot of your precious time. You will be expected to remove the carpet, vacuum, treat the spots, and brush among other activities. This is in deed a very lengthy process and you can avoid it by using reputable cleaning services.

  • Better Results

You may be very good with DIY tasks but professionals will always do a better job due to several reasons. Some of them include having a trained team, advanced equipment, and high-quality cleaning solutions. Their knowledge in this industry will help you achieve better results than you could on your own.

  • No Possibility of Damaging the Carpet

Each carpet requires a unique cleaning method and this depends on the material. We have carpets that need steam cleaning and other use the dry-cleaning methods. You should always choose the correct process so as not to damage your carpet. Professional cleaners will prevent this because they have the required knowledge to handle the task. Let is take some time and evaluate these two carpet cleaning techniques that are used in the industry.

Carpet dry cleaning entails the use of a developed chemical technology. It is an approved very low moisture or no moisture cleaning technology. The procedure is very effective when it comes to the removal of allergens and dirt. The procedure can help you to save a lot of time and money. Understanding the technology is easy but its advisable to leave the task in the hands of professionals. Carpet dry cleaning is tufted clean and very low moisture. Apartment Carpet Cleaning

One of the privacy rugs that is used in privacy fabrics is wool. One attribute of wool dry carpet is that they are non-toxic. It completely destroys all forms of diseases including bacteria. Rug or dry cleaning produces fast results and will dry back to the normal conditions within sixty minutes. Carpet cleaning service systems are faster and less labor intensive than the other types of systems.

The primary advantage of carpet cleaning and steam cleaning is that you will not wait for your carpet to dry. You will not bother yourself running or walking over the carpet with soggy socks before it dries. These carpet cleaning techniques don’t use shampoo or water. It is a safe technique because children can play on the carpet immediately after the process of dry cleaning is over. Carpet cleaning and steam cleaning is very appropriate for wool carpet clean and wool rugs. The wool is among the most important material choices and does not require hot water for the cleaning task.

Carpet steam cleaning can be applied for industrial purposes in eliminating dirt from machines. The advantages of carpet steam cleaning are sufficiently used for sterilizing the cleaning surface. The machine makes use of chemicals and other choices that are more economical. There are various approaches to carpet steam cleaning. The steam cleaning machine is filled with the required detergents and water. There is a splash and dash approach that cleans that carpet without rinsing and leaves the residue of the detergent on the carpet so as to promote resoling. This technique has been around for close to twenty years and most modern-day carpet cleaners are not using it because of the introduction of new technology.  However, we have some cleaning services that are using them to bait and switch workers. You can apply carpet steam cleaning on both commercial and residential places and it cleans quite well. It is good to understand all these facts as you prepare for carpet cleaning and steam cleaning.

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