Anti Slip Coating

It is essential that every step that a person takes will bring them to success. The quality of the floor is very important for all types of commercial establishments as well as residential. Unfortunately, there is an increasing experience of just how sensitive and damage prone existing floors like wood, tile, laminate, and concrete. So, there is no reason why any floor should go unprotected.

Furthermore, slip and trip hazard are some of the most troubling and harmful causes of injuries around the world. Henceforth, anti-slip coating for every floor is a strong and secure must have for most commercial and even residential. It is essential to address the anti-slip coating and maintenance of floors to keep from accidents and improve floor safety.

Types of Anti-slip Floor

Moreover, there is a variety of anti-slip floor available in the market but before buying the company should know the product in proper tests.


An anti-slip coating is specifically appropriate to spacious areas and uses onto common floorings such as concrete, wood, and metal. They allow important resistance and basically use in the industrial, factory and warehouse workplace. The anti-slip coating that can apply on the interior and exterior surfaces create a visible, textured surface.

Rubber Floor

An example of an anti-slip floor is rubber flooring. Which comes from variety of product of flooring made up of rubber in the market today. This kind of flooring is perfect for places like gyms, basements, offices, warehouse, trailers, playground and many more areas. Depending on the preferences there are different flooring items in a variety of forms like stand-alone rubber mats. Also, flooring rolls, and easy-to-install interlocking rubber floor tiles.

Anti-slip Vinyl Flooring

Additionally, another range of safety flooring solution is vinyl flooring which has a dense concentration of deep inlaid anti-slip particles throughout the wear layer. The properties assure for the life of the product, a collection is not simply added as a top coating which could wear off over time. This kind of product develops for specific floorings such as residential, hospitals, education, and sports.

Tiles Flooring

Another anti-slip flooring is the tile flooring which has a kind of types depending on the aesthetic style of both the commercial and residential settings. Such as porcelain wood tile which is strong anti-slip surface, it has a strong resistance to scratches, resistant to chemicals and many other advantages.

In essence, the variety of anti-slip floor on service means that there is a solution for any environment. Whether it is a food court that is prone to dropped snacks and fizzy drinks or to an industrial area that needs to account for oils, greases, and fuel. Trusted flooring is very essential in any types of establishment both commercial and residential. In this way, healthy living and productive work will always happen. 

All in all, while prevention is valuable when dealing with slippery floors, it is no the solution to the slip problem. It results to increase insurance premiums, an absence of key personnel due to injury and slow-down in work and production. By using anti-slip flooring or anti slip coating both in commercial and residential are safer and economical.