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Carpet Cleaning

From residential to commercial cleaning services, Tri-Country Streamers cover them all for you. Our high-quality services include carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and vinyl stripping and waxing.

Our team provide the best cleaning services to your home as well as your office. Put simply, we are proud to say that we are the best and we are the one you need when it comes to delivering remarkable cleaning services.

If you're still in doubt and wondering how we can make your home clean and appear good, then better take a good read below.

Providing excellent residential cleaning

Our team provides efficient and effective cleaning services that would fit your cleaning requirements. While we professionally and thoroughly clean your home, you can still do your regular activities or spend quality time with your loved ones.

Commercial space cleaning is a breeze

It is essential to have a fresh and clean office to maintain an atmosphere that your clients and employees would love. In our hands, we ensure that your workspace will always look the best. Whether you need a standard or deep cleaning service regularly, weekly, or at least once a month, we will create personalized cleaning solutions that fit your needs.

Services Tri Country Streamers offer:

Carpet Cleaning

- We handle and clean carpets with intense care by keeping its originality. Using our high-end equipment, we will remove foul odors and hard to remove stains. Our carpet cleaning service will not only help maintain, but also help prolong your carpets cleanliness.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

- The surface of tile floors commonly lose their shine from time to time. Mobbing and sobbing tile floors are simply not enough to provide a deep clean. Mopping is only effective when removing soil and it does not remove the dirt completely which causes dirt and debris to set on the surface deeply. We can clean and restore grout and tile to a better clean.

Upholstery Cleaning - Our highly-skilled technicians understand that the upholstery furniture is one of the most ignored items on our clients' cleaning list. Most people don't even have anything they can use to clean their upholstery. Even if they do, they usually forget to do it regularly due to other issues like time constraints.

However, there is still a solution. All you need to do is to hire a professional, and that's Tri Country Streamers! Our team uses customized solutions that suit your needs to ensure that your upholstery is dirt-free and clean.

Vinyl Stripping and Waxing

- No matter how well you take care of your vinyl floors, it will fade over time. However, with proper and regular care, your home's vinyl flooring can look great for a long period.

The experts at Tri-Country Streamers provide vinyl floor wax and strip services in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. Our team delivers the best wax and strip services that enable your vinyl floors to shine as well as retain its color.

Should you need someone that makes your home and office environment as clean as it can be, we are absolutely the solution to that. Through a combination of both excellent customer service and professionally trained staff, we always ready to serve and make sure to provide the cleanest and healthy environment for everyone living in the Broward, Palm Beach Countries, and Miami-Dade.

Best DIY Tricks and Tips for Cleaning Your House Carpet

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House carpet and rugs adds style and boosts aesthetics of your home. However, they are prone spills and stains. And most stains seem impossible to be removed but worry no more because we will share you some do it yourself carpet cleaning tips. Read below to and try this DIY tricks and tips.

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